We've got a new place to shop starting Friday ladies, and this will be the first location in Idaho.  

If clothes are comfortable and help us achieve some style goals at the same time, it's a win-win, right?  We're always on the go and we want clothes that don't impede our progress while we're running into the grocery store after work and before the kids' softball practice.  We're not going to wear stiff, rigid clothes that poke and scratch, and stores that get that always catch my eye.

Soft Surroundings is a women's retailer of apparel, beauty, and home items with 72 location in other spots around the country.  They're opening up a new store in Meridian this Friday, and it will be the first location in Idaho.

They tell me that most of the things sold at Soft Surroundings are designed exclusively by and for the brand, including the cosmetics and skincare.  The clothing looks cozy, soft, and flowy with lots of tunics and super soft sweaters. The pieces are not inexpensive, but they do look unique and like they might prompt questions about where we got them.

The store says they want us to relax and rejuvenate and take care of ourselves, and those are things that we probably don't do enough of on a daily basis.  A wine happy hour and then a girls night out shopping trip is sounding pretty good.

If you want to check it out, they're having a grand opening celebration all day this Friday, November 16th at The Village at Meridian.

Soft Surroundings is headquartered in St. Louis, MO and released its first catalog in 1999.  It opened its first retail location in St. Louis in 2005.


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