We were able to get a sneak peak and taste of the new eatery on Broadway which is opening this week! I know I will be going back.

Naked Fins which is a new restaurant that is a part of the great "Fins" chain. Which means we know they dabble in fresh tasty food. The location is nice and easy to find. It's across the street from BSU and by the Starbucks on Broadway.

This is one of the fast casual restaurants you can eat at all week and not get bored. The options weren't extravagant but enough that you had a nice choice if you were in the mood for one thing or another. From excellent tacos and mouthwatering poke, to ramen and sushi. PLUS these things called " baos"  are on the menu, they look like a mini taco on a steamed warm bun filled with meat and goodies. The coconut drink was my favorite it is in an actual fresh coconut and whatever was in it was wonderful.

I dropped by for just snack. I had the poke bowl made to order, and Billy had the baos which he raved about. They are located at 1120 S. Broadway Ave.
Boise, ID. Opening Monday the 15th. 

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