If you head east to Idaho Falls, prepare yourself, because you're about to witness the single greatest team name in the history of sports. We're so serious.

It was announced this week that Idaho Falls' new Junior A hockey team is ready to go, with a new name and an amazing logo to boot. This story comes out of Idaho, so that may be a clue as to what the team's new moniker is. Yes, it's going to be punny.

Figure it out yet?

The Idaho Falls Spud Kings.

The team's assistant general manager, Chris Hall, has the details:

Spud Kings is something that we think is going to create an experience inside the arena, in our merchandise with our players, on our social media branding that is going to be uniquely ours. It’s something we hope all of you will be proud to wear on your chest. I know that we are.

The Spud Kings are expected to start in the 2022-2023 season, and their home turf will be the currently under-construction Mountain America Center in Idaho Falls.

Their logo is an actual potato holding a hockey stick and wearing a crown, and it's amazing. Hall continues:

We wanted a spud that couldn’t be ignored, and coming into a hockey league, we wanted a spud that looked ready to fight anybody, ready to take on the competition in such a physical sport. I think we’ve accomplished that with a spud that’s a little beat up, but he’s ready to keep on fighting.

Apologies if you thought you were going to read a single article about Idaho without referencing potatoes. This isn't that article.

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