There's a new place in Boise to kick it and it's so many angles that everyone is sure to love something about the new eatery.

They've got donuts, fried chicken, beer and longer hours to get you started.

The new Restaurant is called Donut Daze and it opens up June 13th officially. You'll be able to grab donuts and more and Donut Daze even caters to longer hours.

The new eatery is located at 160 N. Eighth Street near the Capitol Terrace Building.

Here is the kicker, Donut Daze will stay open as late as 3 AM. If you are a night owl or party person, you can also enjoy donuts just like the early risers.

You can get chicken starting at 11 AM and you'll also be able to enjoy beer and wine.

Donut Daze also delivers downtown as well.

It's a new venture and worth checking out. I think the combo of donuts and chicken is brilliant and I'm looking forward to trying out Donut Daze for myself this week.

You can check out more about Donut Daze and the new venture here


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