Over the last few weeks, my life has gotten a lot more fun with the introduction of someone I've had the chance to go on a handful of dates.  Now, I've been on the hunt for new places we need to eat.

It hasn't been a problem yet, in fact, both she and I have realized we're both pretty chill, enjoy a good glass of wine, and don't have high expectation for where we go.  Still, I've wanted to up my game a little bit and find some new places, so I've been doing some word-of-mouth recommendations with friends and digging a little deeper on the internet.

That's what brought me to the totallyboise.com and a post that caught my eye featuring "5 Restaurants You Haven't Heard of in Boise."

I felt like that wouldn't end up being the case, but, their headline was factual.  I had driven by one of the places, but with that exception, they were all brand new to me.

The one that immediately piqued my interest was Anderson Reserve.  It's actual name is the Barn at Anderson Reserve, and it's not exactly downtown Boise.  In fact, it's in Sweet Idaho.  Haven't heard of Sweet?  Me too.  It's between Boise and Emmet, and this restaurant has been a family butchery business for three generations and now offers an upscale restaurant experience too (but only Thursday-Sunday).

Other highlighted options are two food trucks, a Thai restaurant in Nampa, and Mexican food in Caldwell.

Each very interesting, and each which will likely earn it's place on my date schedule int he next few months.  I love having cool spots to try out.  This blog is worth a read for sure.

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