Idaho is home to some fantastic people and now the Gem State can add another amazing individual to its list in SkotLynd Cagle of Nampa, Idaho. Cagle, recently made news when she set the Women’s 14 & 15 USA weight lifting record with a 40kg snatch.

If you’re like me at all and are terrible with kilograms, that translates to about 88.18 lbs. It’s not as easy as it looks but Cagle seemingly accomplishes her feats with ease.

The best part about this video is Cagle walking off knowing that she just dominated and took home the gold. As a matter of fact, Cagle followed that video with a post showed off the fruits of her labor with a trio of gold. “North American Open, 1st place sweep and New American Record in the Snatch!!” she wrote.

There’s no doubt Skotty is a champ and it’s very possible that we are witnessing the rise of one of the greatest Olympians of all time. I can tell you right now when I was 14/15 years old? Shoot – I could barely bench the bar. I was so skinny and lanky that I could hang glide on a Dorito. Not Skotty – she’s been putting the work in for this moment for some time.

According to our friends over at Idaho News 6, Skotty has been working with her weightlifting coach, Joe Leatherman, for about six years now. Only time will tell how far Skotty will go but the entire Treasure Valley should keep their eyes on the young weightlifter; we could be seeing her represent Nampa and the Treasure Valley in the Olympics one day.

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