Have you ever walked up to the edge of a cliff and felt the chills run through your body knowing that any slip or gust of wind or anything that may go wrong would be the end of it all for you?  That fear, unfortunately, became a reality for 30-year-old Amanda Poole of Nampa, Idaho who was enjoying a scenic view of the Treasure Valley from the top of a cliff in a remote location in southeast Oregon on Saturday.

Poole was admiring the view with her boyfriend who headed back to the vehicle while she took in the breathtaking beauty for a few more moments.  Poole's boyfriend heard a gasp, turned around and saw Poole lose her footing falling to her death 60 feet below.

The Idaho Statesman reported that authorities started investigating immediately after Poole's body was recovered just in case there was any foul play involved.  Two witnesses saw the entire thing and corroborated Poole's boyfriend's story.  It was just a tragic accident.

Poole and her boyfriend had an entire day planned at the Snively Hot Springs.  This was just a quick stop and unfortunately the last Poole would ever make.  I've had nightmares of going out this way.  The sheer terror, I can't imagine.  I'm so sorry for this loss and for the difficult time her family's going through now.  My thoughts are with you.

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