The streets are a lot safer this weekend as Nampa Police Department shared that they completed a successful bust that took place during a traffic stop yesterday. Nampa PD shared in a Facebook post that they took a huge load off of the street in epic fashion.

In the post, Nampa police not only annihilate the suspect in the description of how they caught him, but they also destroy him with the type of smoothness you find on a velvet rope. Seriously - whoever running the social media page for Nampa Police Department is the type of person most of us would have a drink with. The post has garnered thousands of reactions with many praising the work of the Nampa police.

“Great job Nampa PD!! Love it when you get these creeps off the street!” one Facebook user commented. Another Facebook user who shared that they were a former drug user, sang praise for Nampa law enforcement.

“As a ex user 7 years clean and proud of it. Good job!! That stuff destroys lives.”

As you can see in the post, police retrieved methamphetamine along with cash, scales, and a firearm. It’s good to see our law enforcement keeping the streets clean but more importantly, bravo to their epic capture announcement. Not only did the criminal get wrecked by a taser but Nampa police actually (and hilariously) took a jab at the crook by highlighting the fact that he tried to hide in a bush. Their last sentence “It didn’t work” absolutely destroyed me.

While yes, I am overjoyed that the streets of Nampa are a little safer thanks to law enforcement… can we get the person in charge of Nampa police’s social media a raise? If this is how they’ll continue to make announcements then Nampa Police Department’s Facebook page could be a hidden gem in the Treasure Valley.

“It didn’t work.” Classic.

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