I don't know why I was so excited to sit down and watch the new South Park episode on Wednesday night but I was. I even intentionally made sure I would be home in time to watch.  I don't even watch South Park like that! Seriously, do people still watch this show on the regular?

On Wednesday, South Park returned with “The Pandemic Special,” the show's first ever hourlong special episode.

I realized that I only watch the animated comedy when it feels like the world is falling a part. Watching the first round of the presidential debate (which felt like a comedy parody of itself) on Monday night put me over the edge. I needed some good, quality dark humor. Dark humor is good for the soul. This idea that dark humor is almost therapeutic during these "unprecedent times" is even humbly admitted throughout the episode.

The show plays out around the main plotlines of Cartman not wanting to go back to school "in the middle of a pandemic," and Randy Marsh, Stan's dad, being paranoid about how this whole pandemic began.

Of course every controversial aspect of our society was specifically mentioned and made satire. Everything from police brutality, to wearing a mask, to President Donald Trump was incorporated. The real punchlines are always naturally hidden in the details on South Park. Terms that are now everyday language here in 2020 were used like, "COVID-related issues," "violation of rights,"  and "welcoming kids back to school."

The creators of south park DO NOT care about offending anyone and everyone and this show is next level ridiculousness. This is nothing new for the show. Yet at the same time, watching this episode felt like I was looking at a direct reflection of society. Everything was so shamefully true.

These unprecedent times are sure inspiring some quality satire. You could never organically script this new normal.