That's not the case anymore... We had to do quite a bit of rearranging because of this whole Coronavirus thing, but now I'm in the predicament, what do I do for my fiance on our original wedding day?

I asked a friend and he suggested "Yahtzee" or "Doin' it", both great options, but how do I fill the day? Stacy has dreamed of her wedding since she was a kid and no where in those dreams was there ever a pandemic that postponed it. So, in all this craziness, what can we do?

A hike? A drive somewhere? A fancy to-go dinner in my truck? A picnic on the tailgate? I don't want our original wedding date to be a day of watching Netflix like any other quarantine Saturday... I want to do something special to take her mind off of the fact that we're NOT getting married on our original date.

Any thoughts would be super awesome! @johnMOUG on twitter and instagram!

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