When it comes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there's a lot that Idahoans (and American in general) get wrong.

I personally do not belong to the LDS Church, but several of my closest friends do. As our friendship has grown over the eight years that Star, Idaho has been my home, so too has my awareness of the whacky views people hold about the Christ-centered faith.

While I would never ask someone to compromise their beliefs for my own comfort, I do encourage people to confront their bias in pursuit of the truth and education. To that end, all I've learned from my friends about their faith compelled me to address its most popular misconceptions.

6 Misconceptions About the LDS Church We Need 

1. They're not allowed to dance. Um, no. Perhaps it was that episode of Cheers that started this one, but it's entirely untrue. There's no regulation that prevents an LDS member from bustin' a sweet move, however, dirty dancing is a no-go.

2. They're all hard-core conservatives. Contrary to popular belief, LDS members are free-thinking individuals. Are some of them conservative? Sure. But in a state like Idaho, a conservative political orientation can have more to do with Western culture than it does with religious ideologies.

3. They despise coffee. Not quite the case. My friends don't coffee-hate. Some simply choose to avoid addictive substances like caffeine, while others are happy to pop the top on a delicious can of caffeinated soda. It's a personal choice, not a mandate.

4. They're cultists. Careful now. Rationale like this could deem any or all organized religion a cult.

5. They're friends with Donny Osmond. While the famous singer does belong to the LDS Church, that doesn't mean he's personally befriended over 6 million people. Donnie is down with the Lord, but that doesn't make him everyone's bestie.

6. They're polygamists. Unequivocally no. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints doesn't condone marrying multiple spouses or any form of "keeping it in the family."

What other misconceptions about the LDS Church are you aware of? Message us on the app!

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