When you’re planning an Idaho vacation, there’s no shortage of cool places you can book on Airbnb, VRBO and other travel sites. Across the state, you can book a stay in everything from a restored train car, to covered wagons, to floating cabins, to a home with an epic Disney-themed indoor pool

Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash
Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

They’re all very cool, but may you like something more traditional. Deep down, you think there’s no better place to say in one of Idaho’s small lakeside towns than in a cabin. Then you’re in luck because there are hundreds of them peppered across the Gem State. However, only one of them could grab an honor like this! 

 24/7 Tempo recently published a list of “The Most Beautiful Cabins Across America.” They scoured AirBnB and picked the best cabin getaway in each state. To be considered for the list, a cabin had to have at least a 4.75-star rating from guests who’ve booked a stay there. Out of the hundreds of cabins available for rent in Idaho, they chose the “Bunkhouse,” a not too rustic cabin in Cascade. While it’s not what we were picturing when we read the headline “The Most Beautiful Cabins Across America,” it is pretty cute! 

You'll Find One of the Most Beautiful Cabins in America in Cascade, Idaho

24/7 Tempo recently shared a list of "The Most Beautiful Cabins Across America." This small cabin in Cascade found itself on the list!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

What WERE we picturing when we read 24/7 Tempo’s headline? Something more along the lines of this luxury cabin in Victor, Idaho. While searching through the hundreds of Idaho cabin listings on AirBnb, this appeared to be the most expensive “cabin” on the list. 

Peek Inside Idaho's Most Expensive Cabin on Airbnb

When 24/7 Tempo put together their list of most beautiful cabins in America, they chose a modest cabin in Cascade as Idaho's best cabin. We truly expected them to pick something a little more luxurious, so we hunted down the most expensive in the "Cabin" rental section of Airbnb. For Summer 2022, it was this cabin in Victor.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

The cabin in Victor isn’t the most expensive rental in the state. That title belongs to the Labelle Lake Event Venu and Retreat Center. It looks like an oversized cabin but didn’t come up when we searched for cabins on Airbnb.  

See Inside Idaho's Most Sensational and Expensive Vacation Rental

According to Joybird, this stunning event and retreat property near Rigby is the most expensive vacation home you can rent in Idaho when booking through Airbnb!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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