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Morgan Wallen Never Delivered on His Promise to Donate to Black Charity

Remember when Morgan Wallen promised to donated $500,000 to black charities on Good Morning America? The pledge came after he apologized for using the N-word in a video that made its way to the internet. Well, turns out the charity he promised the $500,000 to says they only received $165,000, back in April, and that the amount promised was "exceptionally misleading." (via Rolling Stone)

Check Out Billie Eilish's New Jordans

Billie Eilish has teamed up with the Jordan brand to release two of her own customs shoes. They come in both lime green and tan — plus, the shoes are 100 perfect vegan!

Halsey Gets Blood-Soaked in New Live Performance

Watch Halsey get splattered with blood during a live performance of "I Am Not a Woman, I'm a God."

Lady Gaga Announces Free Livestream Concert

Lady Gaga just revealed that she will be performing a free livestream concert for fans on Sept. 30. More details below:

Libra Season Is Here!

It's the first day of fall, which means Libra season is officially here. This month is all about tapping into your romantic side. It's also officially cuffing season, and you might find yourself with a strong desire for connection and intimacy. (via Forever Conscious)

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