A fall from a window can happen in a matter of seconds.

Window falls account for around eight deaths and more than 3,000 injuries in kids under 5 every year, nationwide. When you are child-proofing your home you think about wall outlets, cabinets with household cleaners, stairs, and pools, windows aren’t usually something that we think about.

My son, Cooper, will be two years old next month and he is into EVERYTHING. He just learned how to open the sliding glass door to the back patio. You better believe I have backup measures in place now! Even if you don't leave your children alone in a room, they find ways and they are FAST!

If you remember, we did a story last June, a 4 year old boy fell from the fifth story of an apartment building in Boise. So scary!

Almost all of the falls that hospitals see are in the springtime. It makes sense, the weather starts to get nice again and with the winter that we had in the treasure valley, opening a window and enjoying some of the nice weather sounds fabulous.

Even if the fall isn’t fatal, it can cause serious injuries. You can buy window stoppers that will keep the window from being opened too wide. You can also find a window guard at your local hardware store.

Most of the falls reported are because there was furniture next to the window that kids climbed on top of to look out. Once your kids reach the age where they can walk or climb, pay attention to the placement of your furniture and get down on the floor at their eye level to get a better idea of what and how they see things.

Here is an inexpensive option to prevent an injury in your home! HERE

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