We often talk about how many millions of dollars professional athletes make, and wish that one day we could make that kind of money. What would you even do if you had a 10 million dollar mansion? Cole Hamels who has played on the Phillies, the Rangers, and most recently the Chicago Cubs recently had that decision to make.

He has a beautiful 9.4 million dollar mansion that was 32,000 square-feet and had 100 acres of land surrounding it, and he has decided to donate it to help special needs kids. Let that sink in for a second, this man just gave away almost 10 million dollars to help kids. The donation was made to Camp Barnabus a nonprofit that facilitates summer camps and exciting experiences for special needs kids and their siblings.

The folks at Camp Barnabus said this is easily the largest donation they have ever received and they are excited to open up the new property they have located on the shoreline of Table Rock Lake.

If you're looking for a new favorite athlete after hearing about this I would highly suggest Cole Hamels and his generous wife Heidi.

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