Etan Patz, Adam Walsh, Madeleine McCann, & JonBenét Ramsey

Most of us know their names and faces like the back of our hand. As four of the most famous missing children in modern history, their stories struck fear into the hearts of parents around the world.

The abduction and murder of Adam Walsh changed America. 

Beyond fear and outrage, their disappearances also spurred dramatic changes in the way missing children's cases are investigated and publicized; most notably, the cold case of Adam Wash.



Walsh was just six-years-old when he was abducted in a Florida shopping mall in 1981. The son of John Edward Walsh, victims' rights activist and creator of America's Most Wanted, Adam inspired his father's career as well as the creation of several major agencies, protocols, and legislation including:

  • Code Adam, a program launched by his parents, it ensures businesses, parks, government buildings and other establishments have safety measures in place to respond to missing and abducted children on the premise;
  • the passing of the Missing Child Assistance Act that provides federal support for state and local efforts to recover and support missing and exploited children;

The disappearance of Idaho's Michael Vaughn inspired "Monkey's Law."

Affectionately referred to as "Monkey" by his family, Michael Vaughan was five-years-old when he was reported missing from his Fruitland home in 2021.


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Less than a year after Vaughn vanished, Idaho Governor Brad Little signed the Endangered Missing Person Alert, also known as "Monkey's Law." The law was created to address the gaps in the AMBER Alert System that determined Vaugh's case hadn't met the criteria to issue an alert.

Senate Bill 1378 of the Idaho State Legislature ensures emergency alerts will be issued immediately for missing children statewide regardless of their AMBER Alert Status.

Have you seen Idaho's missing teens?

Today, 23 Idaho families are desperate to recover their missing children. Ages 13 to 18, from Nampa to Sandpoint, these teens vanished without a trace. The gallery below features their photos, key information, and the number of the agency assigned to their case.

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Lynette Dawn Culver was a daughter, a little sister, and seventh-grader with her entire life ahead of her in the spring of 1975. Her bright future was cut short at the hand of one of America's most notorious serial murderers.

If you have a credible tip to share on the whereabouts of the remains of Lynette Dawn Culver, contact the Bannock County Sheriff's Office.

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