Mike & Kate are going to BRIBE you to listen to them on MIX 106!

It's Easy! All you have to do is be a 12 Listeners' Club Member and enter the Big Bribe.

Starting Monday, May 5th Mike & Kate will be calling out a name from people who have entered the Big Bribe through the 12 Listeners' Club at 6:20am, 7:20am, 8:20am and 9:20am.

If your name is called, you have exactly 10 minutes and 6 seconds to call #376-5106 and win $50 cash and 4 tickets to the Boise Music Festival!


Your bribe can grow and grow and grow. If the next hour's winner doesn't call in 10 minutes and 6 seconds, you get their $50 cash too! If the winner after that and the winner after that don't accept the bribe either, it's all yours!

It pays to be a MIX 106 listener and member of the 12 Listeners' Club. If you're not a member, sign up now!


Full list of rules