Idaho & California Mexican Food Gurus Face-Off

Everyone thinks they're an authority when it comes to Idaho and California Mexican food. From which cities and restaurants do the best homemade tortillas to the proper consistency of authentic guacamole, Mexican food is one of the most divisive cuisines, if not the most. 

Anyone who's ever witnessed or gone three rounds in a Mexican food debate between California transplants and long-time Idaho locals knows it's true. 

I've never seen Mexican food debates go to blows. Well, not one that didn't involve copious amounts of tequila, anyway. But I've watched in awe as once-friendly neighbors defended their positions on tamales based on factors like heritage or their ancestors who fought at the Alamo. What?! 😆

Still, even the greatest warring foodies would never tell the other side what or what not to order at a Mexican restaurant.  



Photo by Natalya on Unsplash
Photo by Natalya on Unsplash

The food police are real. 

One man's obsession with skirt steak fajitas could be another's "thanks, pero no gracias." And that's cool. I'm not here to play food police or tell you or anyone else what or what not to eat.

But that's me, friend. There are, however, those who will and those who've managed to make a living off of it. ICYMI: the food police are real. Mind you, I'm not talking about credentialed food critics and culinary luminaries whose job is to appraise the content and quality of high-end cuisine. 

I'm talking about unqualified, self-glorified food bloggers and "influencers" who presume to know what is or isn't okay to order at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant in Boise or Bakersfield. If I sound a bitter, it's because I am. See why for yourself in the gallery below. 

Scroll on for 13 dishes "food experts" say we shouldn't order at Mexican restaurants in Idaho & California.

Never Order These 13 Mexican Dishes In Idaho & California

Hold on to your sombreros, y'all. The food police think they know what's best for us on Taco Tuesday.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

From Idaho to California & beyond, cheers to eating whatever the hell you want.

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Despo's Mexican Restaurant

They only serve sustainable fish, regionally sourced beef, local pork, cheese from Jerome, and natural meat products. They also use non-hydrogenated oil for frying and cooking, which means no trans fats. They use all "green" cleaning supplies and unbleached 100% consumer-recycled paper. This small-town Mexican Restaurant is doing its part to impact our planet significantly.

211 4th Street East, Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Monday - Saturday from 11:30 to until Close
Closed Sundays

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