No doubt, if you've had your tv on in the last few months, you've caught a Ring Doorbell commercial.  The company promises to make your home safer and they team with local police to do it.

In the Treasure Valley, Ring is currently only partnered with Meridian Police Department.

If you have a Ring doorbell (or camera), you have most likely experienced the neighborhood updates that can share video of suspicious activity around your block immediate vicinity.

This video is now being used by police to help in investigations and to help get the word out about risks.  CBS 2 reports that Jamie Leslie from Meridian Police said, " It’s been a great tool for us to see what’s going on in the community and communicate with our community partner to better understand how we can help them."

Suspicious people creeping around houses and peering in windows as well as theft of packages or items from houses and porches can be used by police and neighbors alike.

As for other local departments, Caldwell Police, Nampa Police, and Ada County Sheriff say they are either pursuing agreements or are interested in the idea.

Boise Police and Canyon County Sheriff are not currently pursuing those arrangements, but when CBS 2 asked for comment, they did not offer any explanation.

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