Do you remember what the Fourth of July was like last year? It's interesting how it doesn't feel like it was all that long ago. I do remember masking up, driving down Overland by Fred Meyer to grab some fireworks. The guy said it was the largest sales they've had in their history of selling fireworks.

That really just feels like a few months ago to me as we did a few in the front yard. I remember how loud it was and the massive neighborhood fireworks that continued to fly throughout the night. That might be different this year.

The fireworks celebrations are back and McCall just sent out a release announcing, "FOURTH OF JULY IS ON!"

Ice cream cones and barbecues enjoyed by all, events for entertainment, fireworks, and a patriotic pride inherent throughout the community as we celebrate Independence Day. Get ready for a Fourth of July celebration in McCall!

That's the first thing you see read when visiting the Visit McCall website. The place so many of us have memories visiting is back in business for a blockbuster Summer celebration that will span over 10 days. The fireworks event will take place over the beautiful setting of Payette Lake as the sun sets.

My son on an empty street Fourth of July 2020
My son on an empty street Fourth of July 2020

There is no information yet on times and events as everything seems to be building. The best news is that it's happening and that's great for the community and business for McCall.  Whenever you see an event coming back in the current pandemic state, it's wonderful news.

I will keep you alerted with upcoming news that surrounds the Fourth of July Celebration. The current dates will be celebrated July 1-10. More to come.

Sidenote: Now is the best time to book your lodging as it will go fast. Trust me. Fast.

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