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Update: 15 shot, 4 dead (including shooter) and potential second suspect. Investigation is still active.


I'm not one to write the news alerts that crossover through our feeds. I leave those to everyone else but It's a Sunday night and you might not be aware. We just finished up Boise Music Festival and there's another fest happening in Boise every weekend. This is the nightmare we all hope never happens.

The Garlic Festival where Colbie Caillat featuring Gone West was slated to perform. Looks like a gunman opened fire killing 3 and injuring 9 at this point. I'm not a reporter and I assume these numbers will fluctuate and change by the time might see this.

CNN is reporting the breaking news out of Gilroy, California. This doesn't look like a situation between groups that got out of hand leaving multiple casualties. One eye witness said a man walked up and just started shooting. It's 9:54 p.m. and nobody has been taken into custody and the news alert is reading "police canvas area for suspects".

We've taken many steps to not just hire regular police officers to be on guard at Boise Music Festival but add your security and undercover officers. We at least feel like we're doing what we can in the worst-case scenario. You other festivals about to take place like Lollapalooza, Woodstock 50 (if they pull it off), and Outside Lands in San Francisco.

We'll keep you posted with details as they continue to break. I'll post a link to CNN for more information. If you plan to attend any type of large event don't let these stories shake your life. We can plan on tragedy finding us but we can take precautions. Make sure that whatever major event you attend that you always have a game plan. I know it's sad but it's the life we live in 2019 and moving forward. Know where the exits are, police are stationed and exiting the facility if something happens. Make a plan on where to meet up. It's sad we have to do all these things but it's better to be safe.



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