Many people pretend they don't shop at Walmart, but let's be honest: we all shop there sometimes. We may not go weekly, but everyone goes to Walmart eventually for something. Whether it's the prices, the selection, or the convenience, something about Walmart draws us all in.

There is a lot to love and hate about the Walmart shopping experience. The sheer number of people, the parking lots, the blue vests, or the fact that they don't take Apple Pay or Google Pay may be a few reasons you don't like the weekly trip to Walmart. Still, the prices and availability are hard to beat. Also, the people who shop there are unique enough to get their own calendar, coloring book, and website.

What is changing about shopping at Walmart?

Now, your shopping experience at Walmart is about to change. From 8am to 10am, Walmart will be more inclusive to those with sensory disabilities.

Why is Walmart making these changes?

During the back-to-school season this year, Walmart claims that they received overwhelmingly positive feedback to their previously implemented sensory-friendly hours on Saturdays, leading them to move to 7 days a week throughout the year.

What does being more inclusive of sensory disabilities mean?

Walmart's sensory-friendly atmosphere means that during those two hours, they will turn off all the TVs and radios and dim the lights.

Can you shop during these hours if you do not have sensory disabilities?

All shoppers are welcome during the two-hour window designated sensory-friendly. Some might find these changes inconvenient, especially when shopping for electronics. Walmart tends to be a trendsetter, and it remains to be seen whether other retailers will follow or what the long-term effects will be on their operations and profits.

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