Today is a big day for Idaho non-profits as it is Idaho Gives, 24 hours of non-stop giving, and there is a block party to celebrate.

Idaho Gives happens every year and it sounds like the Lusk District is having one BIG party. Now this is great because first Thursday is happening and the Lusk district is pretty much downtown. Winter Wildlands sounds like they are one of the non-profits featured for this event. They posted on their website about the event:

Join the celebration of community by connecting with these local nonprofits, getting down to live entertainment and filling up on local food & beer.

Food & Drinks by Lost Grove Brewing, Bittercreek Alehouse, Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters, MADRE – Boutique Taqueria, The Shed, Sushi Shack, Off The Grid Pizza, Genki Takoyaki, and The STIL.

The event starts at 5PM TONIGHT! You can't miss seeing where the fun is in the area, so stop by and have some fun.

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