Don't you hate when you find a bar or restaurant that you absolutely love but it's in an inconvenient location for your life? I mean, you'll definitely still drive there, but there's always that twinge of "ugh" when you think about how long it will take to get there. That's how I felt about Cupbop for the longest time. I would just want to swing by after work real quick and the closest one was just so out of my way.

Sometimes you get lucky and your favorite place opens up a new location conducive to you frequenting it whenever you want. Cupbop opened in Downtown Boise and made life easier. And now Loose Screw Beer Co. is opening a new location in time for the big game on Sunday!

Their original location is in Garden City, but they've had the good fortune to expand business to a second location in Meridian! As a Meridianite (is that a word?) I'm pumped! My husband is quite the beer drinker and we've been looking for cool spots to drink and chill that aren't so far away from our house. The shorter the Uber ride, the better.

After a delay with permitting in the fall of last year, Loose Screw Beer Co. will finally have its grand opening on Friday, February 5th 2021. Things appear to be coming together nicely, as seen in these photos of the space on Instagram.

Click here to stay updated on all you need to know. Hope to see you there for some beer and ski ball!


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