It's great to see many businesses in the Treasure Valley helping out around the holidays. Time is running out to drop off your donation for the Idaho Food Bank at Emerald West Dental with a chance to win a free bleach teeth whitening kit.

They even added an incentive, which I think is great. Emerald West Dental is so much more than just a dentist office, it's a community place. BSU fans, outdoor activists, runners, etc. make up the staff of Emerald West Dental. Now they are giving back in the form of helping the Idaho Food Bank. They are taking donations through the 19th of November and EVERYONE who donates has a chance to win that free bleach teeth whitening kit.

Thank you to Emerald West Dental, Dr. Hess and Dr. Moss and the crew for helping out during the holidays and giving a gift of a whiter smile to someone as well.  You can find them in Boise or give them a call if you have questions, (208) 323-2294.

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