Do LDS Wear Magic Underwear?

Not exactly, but religiously speaking their undies are more significant than, say, the Fruit of the Looms we're sporting today. If you didn't know, LDS members traditionally wear specialized intimates known as garments. Every now and then you might hear a non-member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sarcastically refer to them as "magic underwear," but we wouldn't, because that's just not nice.

So what are they?

Connection, Protection, & Modesty

Garments serve as a reminder to keep the Lord near and dear. Those who wear them strive to maintain a closer spiritual connection to their beliefs and principles. So while they're not particularly trendy, LDS members will tell you that what they symbolize is actually pretty awesome.

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Garments also offer physical and spiritual protection. They're thought of as a shield against temptation and negative influences, serving as a reminder to lead a virtuous and modest life; sort of like Spanx from the Lord. 

Like armor protects soldiers on the battlefield, garments symbolize the spiritual armor that shields individuals in their daily spiritual struggles. LDS members say it reinforces the concept of being spiritually prepared and relying on the strength of God.

Google Maps for a Spiritual Journey

In short, garments are like Google Maps for a spiritual journey. Day or night, they guide LDS members on their pursuit of love, service, obedience, and Christ-centered living. In this way, they inspire a sense of unity and belonging within the LDS community. And that's pretty cool. If only we could get our undies to do that!

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