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We oppose the sexualization of children. Full stop.  The words are from Dorothy Moon, Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party.  She’s responding to the high dudgeon of the state’s liberal media mob, which is defending a drag queen show starring children this weekend in Boise.

Taxpayer-funded Boise Public Radio sported the headline: Idaho Republican Party denounces Boise Pride festival.  It’s the mean-spirited old GOP, don’t you know?  Moon said the government radio station attempted to tie opposition to the drag show as nothing more than white nationalism.  Is public radio suggesting minorities approve of children performing for adult prurient interest?  Or is it just the employees of public broadcasting salivating over the possibility?

This is a place called Idaho.  It’s not Kate Brown’s Oregon, and certainly isn’t Gavin Newsome’s kook-a-loo California. Values here are traditional, which may explain why Zion’s Bank pulled its sponsorship of the Pride Festival.  The bank appears to have been surprised to learn there will be a children’s program.  You can find a list of the remaining sponsors by clicking here.  It’s a long roll call.  A mix of local, regional, and national businesses.  Along with the Democrat Party and the University of Idaho College of Law.  Can I assume the law school receives your tax dollars?  Do your legislators approve?  Perhaps you need to call them and share a list of questions.

Meanwhile, organizers are defending the date of the kid’s show.  It falls on the hallowed September 11th.  You may recall that day.  It was 21 years ago when 3,000 of your fellow Americans were crushed, pulverized, and incinerated in an act of mass murder.  Now liberals celebrate by grooming children.

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