Guy Fieri may not have been in Boise long during his February visit, but he sure did get around!

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives still has quite a way to go to catch up to other long-running TV series like Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons and Law and Order, but Guy Fieri’s put together an incredible 37 seasons over the past 16 years.

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Season 37 brought Guy back to Boise for the first time since 2009 and so far we’ve seen three Boise restaurants appear in recent episodes: Alyonka Russian Cuisine, Taj Mahal Homestyle Indian and Pakistani Cuisine and the Westside Drive-In on Parkcenter Boulevard.

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We already told you that the Meridian Tango’s Empanadas location will appear in the “Pick-Me- Ups” episode scheduled to air on Friday, April 14. Mamma Bremmer confirmed they were the Boise “empanada emporium” mentioned in the episode description via Facebook.

We’ve re-read that episode description several times because it sounds like not one, but TWO Boise restaurants will be in the episode. It reads:

“In Boise, Idaho, an empanada emporium and a stick-to-your-ribs spot are both serving up off-the-hook sandwiches; a funky joint in Savannah is putting out real deal wood-fired pizza and bagels.”

Some people thought that the second mystery restaurant could be Fresh Off the Hook by the Boise Towne Square Mall. The restaurant has several fish sandwiches on the menu, as well as a chicken sandwich. It seemed like a stretch because they don’t serve ribs, but we understand why people suspected them as the mystery restaurant.

There are a lot of fantastic destinations for ribs in the Treasure Valley. BBQ4LIFE, Bodacious Pig and Eagle Rib Shack immediately come to mind, but we decided to sit back and wait for this mystery restaurant to reveal itself. Sure enough, it did and did it with the funniest Facebook post we’ve seen in a long time!

Mystery solved! The second Boise restaurant appearing in this week’s episode is Saint Lawrence Gridiron on Bannock in Downtown Boise. They’re truly one of those destinations that you’ll miss if you’re not paying attention! The restaurant is nestled in between the Idaho Building and Key Bank and is sort of recessed from the street. You might miss it if you blink, but your nose should lead you to the delicious smells coming from their patio smoker.

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

The restaurant, which explores the roots of American cuisine and pairs it with its curated beer and wine selection, opened in 2014.

The episode is set to air for the first time on Friday, April 14 at 7 p.m. on DISH and DirecTV. It appears at 10 p.m. on the listings for Sparklight cable. Food Network has already shared the recipe for the restaurant's signature "Gridiron Burger" ahead of the episode's premiere.

After this episode of DDD airs, there should be at least one more Boise episode to come because we haven't seen the one shot at Sunshine Spice Cafe yet. The Instagram photo of Guy and his son taken at the restaurant that Guy himself shared is what tipped everyone off that the show was back in Boise for the first time in over a decade! It looks like they'll be in the episode called "Seafood, Spice & Soul" which is scheduled to air for the first time on April 28.

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