There wasn’t much fanfare surrounding it, but the Boise Towne Square Mall celebrated a landmark anniversary earlier this year. The mall turned officially turned 35 on October 19!

When the mall opened, it was a big deal. Anchor stores closed their locations in Downtown Boise to be part of the new mall. People skipped school and work to be there on opening day. Karcher Mall, which was Idaho’s first indoor shopping mall, kept getting hounded for a reaction to the grand opening of a mall in Ada County. 

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Not many of the original tenants are still in the mall 35 years later, but against all odds, the Boise Mall has managed to survive the retail apocalypse that led malls around the country to close their doors permanently. The dead mall videos on YouTube are both fascinating and heartbreaking because for ‘90s kids “hanging out at the mall” was one of the highlights of our childhood! 

Malls are usually considered “dead” after they lose their big anchor stores and are unable to fill them. The only vacant anchor location at Boise Towne Square Mall is the old Sears store. That property is quirky to begin with because it’s not actually owned by the mall. The Sears location is owned by MCG Boise. JC Penny is owned by CTL Propco I LLC. The rest of the mall is owned by Boise Mall LLC. 

Obviously, with so many mall-based chains struggling to survive against their e-commerce competitors, there’s been a lot of turnover in 35 years! Which stores have come and gone? We did a round-up of 25 stores in 2021, but decided to show you round 2! Here are 19 more stores that aren’t at the mall anymore.

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