It has been one of the most unusual and discussed sessions of the Idaho Legislature. Idahoans have seen proposals to ban MRNA shots, bathroom bills, a proposal to allow illegal aliens legal driving privileges, and the list goes on and on. The legislative body has yet to get the governor's signature on property tax reduction.

However, the most unusual bill that has been debated and defeated has to be House Bill 313. The bill would have allocated almost $500,000 to provide free period or menstruation products in Idaho public schools. Proponents of the bill argued that young girls in the state could not afford feminine hygiene products.

State Representative Rod Furniss described something called the 3 Ps during his speech in favor of the bill. "Surprise, we just figured out in 2023 that girls have 3 Ps. They have peeing, pooping, and period. And it's a basic necessity. Now we can hold the first two Ps, peeing and pooping; we can take care of that, but the third P, girls don't have a muscle down there, and it happens, it happens, it's an emergency."

You can hear the rest of his comments below.

The Idaho Statesman reported that critics of the bill called it woke and liberal. The bill was defeated leaving most of us to wonder is this the most important issue of the soon to be expiring legislative session.



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