Two Idaho legislators have introduced a bill that would begin a serious discussion and serious look at Idaho absorbing two-thirds of Oregon. The same type of bill was read before the Oregon Legislature earlier. The bill was titled HJM 1, and will have a hearing on February 13 before the Idaho House of Representatives State Affairs Committee.
The movement has gained a lot of national attention over the years. The Daily Show and other liberal outlets have aired episodes making fun of Greater Idaho. The campaign seeks to legally move most of Conservative Oregon to the Gem State. It begins at the county level, where several Oregon counties have voted to become part of Idaho.

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Why Idaho? What's Wrong with Oregon?

The cultural and political makeup of the Greater Idaho movement shares the same limited government and Conservative beliefs of Idahoans. The Oregonians say they have no voice in state government because the control is in the liberal population centers. One of the benefits of acquiring the Oregon counties would allow Idaho to gain a congressional seat.

This size of the new Oregon would be diminished moving the state from one of largest geographical states to one of the smallest. Idaho would benefit by the additional territory as folks continue to move into the Gem State.

What About The Drugs?

Idaho's strong stance against legalizing marijuana will be a significant obstacle to moving forward. The Idaho/Oregon border produces the most revenue for Oregon's legal weed. Oregon has also legalized hard drugs, which wouldn't fly in Idaho. Would Oregon let its legal weed financial boondoggle dry up? The new Idahoans/Old Oregonians would have to bend the knee to Idaho's drug free society.

Rep. Boyle, whose district shares a border with Oregon, gave the committee several reasons to support the bill. She explained that her county has been overwhelmed by drugs since Oregon changed its laws on marijuana and decriminalized hard drugs. She said moving the state line would move the problem farther away.

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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