A couple with a passion for renovating properties turned an old trailer park into a Tiny Home Resort known as The Smoke Jumper. It's a place I know my wife and I will be staying at. Let's check it out!

According to a Facebook from October 2021 "Who are we?? We’re Tim and Lynn and we started buying properties and renovating them about 3+ years ago on the Oregon Coast when our oldest son went to college at UofO and we bought a place because we loved being up there. 4 years later we’ve got 4 properties on the Oregon coast and on a whim we’ve decided to undertake this RV park project. Me and my guys do the labor and Lynn does all the designing and decorating!!"


What do I love about The Smoke Jumper Tiny Home Resort?

I love the fact that they developed this little community of tiny homes in Idaho City. A place that isn't very far from Boise, but gives you the experience of getting out of town is 45 minutes away. Not only is this a place to stay, but a place you can get to know other people who are staying there as well.

I also appreciate the fact that they took the challenge and they were hands from the demolishing of the mobile home park to the design of the tiny homes. They created this experience for others through experiences of their own.

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What about the amenities?

They didn't skim there either. They come fully equipped with everything you'll need for your stay with a mini kitchen that includes an induction cooktop, microwave, pots, pans, utensils, and my favorite Nespresso machine for your coffee needs.

They also have "smart glass" which is a really cool feature that allows you to enjoy the natural light that comes through the big windows but turns the glass from clear to frost to give you the privacy you want.


How much does it cost?

They have two different options both are $149 per night, which is a great price for the experience. The big difference between the two options is that one of them is ADA Accessible. How many people are building tiny home resorts with guests that have mobility issues in mind? I'm sure it's not many and that's unfortunate.

Let's take a look at their journey! Keep scrolling to watch a video walkthrough of the property! 

The Smoke Jumper Tiny Home Hotel

Let's take a look at the journey that has turned an old mobile home park into an outdoor getaway in Idaho City.

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