An influencer at the Stagecoach music festival in California decided to ditch an afterparty after discovering that the entrances to the bash were segregated by follower count.

The party, hosted by brands Pizzaslime and Revolve, had signs directing people with "over 1 million+ followers" in one direction and people with "under 1 million+ followers" in another.

"I am leaving the afterparty because of this sign," influencer Rhegan Coursey said in her TikTok video about the incident.

She added, "That's so weird to me," and quipped that she'll "probably never get invited to any of their parties now."

"Like we're not celebs. [We're] normal ass people," she said.

"This can’t be real," fellow influencer Abbie Herbert commented.

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In a follow-up video the next morning, Rhegan elaborated more on the situation after receiving backlash from people accusing her of faking the fact that she was leaving.

Others also claimed that she didn't understand "the joke" of the signs due to Pizzaslime's apparent tongue-in-cheek vibe.

"I left alone," she confirmed and even showed screenshots of the time stamps of when she posted her TikTok video about leaving and when she ordered her Uber and arrived home.

Addressing the claim that the signs were supposedly satire, Rhegan explained that she heard from friends who attended the party and said "It's a joke, but it's not a joke. And I knew that, and that's why I left."

She said her friends told her that they were "treated like animals" at the party and did not feel like the signs were a joke.

"I'm glad I listened to my gut and I left because that just felt like the right thing to do for me," the influencer said.

Many viewers agreed with Rhegan's choice to leave the party and also thought that the signs were odd.

One person even compared the signs to Black Mirror.

"Those signs were so black mirror coded pls. i screamed," they wrote in the comments section.

"I think it’s nice that you felt you could leave and your friends were okay with that and you were as well no weirdness," someone else said.

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