Lovers' Lane

BOISE, Idaho. Defined by Merriam-Webster as "a lane or place favored by lovers for seclusion and dalliance," parking at lovers' lane is one of America's most romanticized pastimes.

Despite all we've learned about the importance of ergonomics and the magical powers of a mattress in sexual scenarios, it seems the allure of lovers' lane hasn't lost its luster. But what happens when you get busted getting busy in the back seat of your car in Idaho?

Indecent Exposure

Are there laws prohibiting passionate relations between two consenting adults in a vehicle? On the federal level, there are none that explicitly criminalize sex in a car, but where does Idaho law stand on the issue?

In short, car-sex in a public area isn't technically banned in the Gem State. But—and this is a significant but—that isn't to say a person can't be criminally charged with indecent exposure.

According to the Idaho State Legislature, as of Jul. 1, 2022, indecent exposure occurs when an individual intentionally exhibits or forcefully displays the following sexual acts in a public area such as a street, sidewalk, thoroughfare, or transportation facility:

  • revealing human genitalia and/or discernably aroused human genitalia
  • displaying sexual acts or the simulation of sexual acts between humans
  • displaying sexual acts or the simulation of sexual acts between humans and animals
  • displaying masturbation, the simulation of masturbation, or a visual depiction of masturbation

There are serious consequences to face if found guilty of indecent exposure in Idaho. Individuals can be punished with imprisonment in a county jail for as long as six months, fined up to $1,000, and/or be required to register as a sex offender!

Get a Room

Given what we know about the mechanics of knockin' boots coupled with Idaho's major public indecency penalties, we'll get a room, y'all. And the next time you and your Ida-honey find yourselves in the mood, we highly suggest you do the same!

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