It's the kind of nightmare nobody ever wants to deal with but some Nampa homeowners had to deal with flooding in their homes due to an irrigation main that broke. According to our friends at KTVB, the City of Nampa Waterworks got the heads up around 4 p.m. on Saturday about an irrigation main that burst on Fairwood place which is off of Lone Star Road and Canyon Street.

One neighbor said the water main was gushing for over an hour which put around 2 feet of water in some homes. This is creating quite the headache for the residents affected but as of now there is no cause for the water line burst.

All home owners affected were told to open a claim in writing and that the city would take care of the costs in regards to the Irrigation Main breaking. Going through something like this would be so aggravating, but it really shows how great the city officials were to find a solution and take care of the affected residents.

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