Aladdin. Merida. King Louie. There's a bottomless selection when it comes to iconic characters from Disney films throughout the years. If you had to, could you choose your absolute favorite?

That's exactly what's happened state by state, and we're about to find out who the Gem State treasures the most when it comes to the deep Disney catalog.

Recently, USA Today shared a nationwide survey of each state's favorite Disney film, and the results are kind of all over the place!

Before diving into the data, we figured Idaho would've selected a more modern classic like The Lion KingThe Little Mermaid, or even Frozen.

The Lion King, which was the favorite of 17 different states, didn't make the cut in Idaho. So let's find out which film did.

Idaho's favorite Disney movie is...Sleeping Beauty!

Did you guess right? We sure didn't.

To be fair, this survey was taken before Disney's latest smash Encanto was released, so that didn't make the cut.

If you spoke for the entire state of Idaho, what Disney movie would you pick? Jump on Facebook and let us know!

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