A 21-year-old man just lost one of his nine lives when his truck rolled halfway ejecting him and then eventually landing in a narrow ravine pinning him between the truck and the ground.  Oh, and guess what?  Nobody saw the accident and there's no cell service so he had no way of reaching out for help.

According to KTVB, the accident happened just southeast of Idaho Falls and this young man was pinned underneath the wreckage for days.  If you're familiar with the Taylor Mountain Road and Henry Creek Road area then you can picture the location and you probably know that there are some crazy remote places in that area.

On Monday someone spotted the wreckage and immediately called 911.  The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office and Idaho Falls Fire Department were on it immediately using large airbags to lift the vehicle and heavy-duty extrication equipment to free the man.  The 21-year-old was conscious and immediately flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where he is listed as stable.

The name of the crash victim and the name of who found him have not been released but information released by the police department states that the man who found the wreckage had been looking for his friend for days.

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