The Politics of Public Affairs

Idaho mistresses, your crimes against your lover's wife could soon become a public affair. It's a bit unnerving, isn't it? That's understandable. After all, you know what you did you, but you never imagined the rest of the world would.

You broke the Woman Code. You slept with another woman's husband. Like a thief in the night, you stole what wasn't yours to take. In an act of selfish, reckless abandon, you accepted what wasn't his to give. But of course, you had your reasons.

But he said it was over!

His wife is horrible!

It just happened!

He deserves better than her!

We're right for one another!

She doesn't understand him!

He promised to leave her!

He made the first move!

He told me he loved me! —every mistress ever


The Predator & The Prey

Listen, I believe you. Truly, I do. I can imagine him whispering every one of those hollow sweet nothings during your stolen moments. But this isn't about him right now. She'll either deal with him or heal with him later.

Right or wrong, the prey is about to become the predator. She's ready to expose the woman who molested her marriage, her man, her family, and her dreams.

Indecent Exposure

And just like that, she exposes you. To your shock and horror, it extends well beyond your name and your face. She reveals your workplace, where you live, and how you spend your personal time. She shares every word of the salacious chapter you imposed upon the story of her life.

And it gets worse. It's exceptionally difficult to get the site to remove the anonymously written post. Now you're walking a mile in her shoes. User after user, year after year, your privacy is defiled. Your crimes against your lover's wife just became a public affair.

Your indiscretion is a living and breathing billboard on Idaho's

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