What the flush, Idaho?! 

Imagine the level of laziness required to straight up flush trash down a commode as opposed to walking it to a nearby trash can. And what's the logic there? Do people out and out refuse to walk a whopping ten steps to a trash can when they're sitting on a perfectly good garbage disposal?

At home, it's one thing. Most people would have to walk their trash all the way into the kitchen. But in a public bathroom? Come on. That's a new level of lazy.

They decided it's too much effort to put that feminine napkin or wipe in the trash can that's typically no more than 12 inches away from the toilet. In effort to stay the on the path of least resistance, they lift the lid, plop their refuse in the bowl, and give it a good flush.

And just like that, the trash is gone and it's no longer Lazy Daisy's problem. Someone can deal with whatever comes of her reckless.

Plumbers: Idaho's most unsung, underappreciated heroes

They're the crusaders clogged pipes and the silent saviors of our sanity. Plumbers dive into our dirtiest dilemmas. Whether they're rescuing us from our own stupidity or the tub of PlayDoh our three-year-old just put on the porcelain express, nothing compares to the knowledge, skill, and power of a good plumber.

When the porcelain throne rebels and the water meets the top of the toilet bowl, you're not calling the Ghostbusters. You're calling your friendly neighborhood plumber. While we're all about saluting these unsung heroes, we happily avoid their intervention by not flushing the 15 things in the gallery below.

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