If you're a skier or snowboarder and you find out that your favorite ski resort is getting a few inches of fresh powder, you're all about it, right? You probably start thinking about what you'll be telling your boss so that you can skip work and head up the mountain.

Ok, so you're all set to go, then you get an alert that says that resort is CLOSING! But why? What if it is closing because of too much snow?!? Is there such a thing? Apparently so, and it happened to a ski resort right here in Idaho!

According to KIVI, Soldier Mountain Ski Resort in Fairfield, Idaho had to close down today in order for crews to "dig out equipment and make the slopes safe for skiers." That's right, too much snow was the reason for the closure.

So, just about how much snow has fallen? According to KIVI, the National Weather Service reported that the nearby town of Featherville got about "60 inches (1.52 meters) of snow since Feb. 22." Mother nature isn't slowing down either, they're expected to get another foot of snow this week!

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