The First Amendment is alive and well in the Gem State as three religions participated in prayer Monday Morning. A Christian Group prayed outside, and a Catholic Group knelt and prayed inside our capitol building.

Kevin MIller

The third group dressed in black, and some wearing black masks and black makeup expressed their freedom of speech and religion. The Satanic Temple Idaho marched on the statehouse to pray for the state and our lawmakers.

As we said, they were dressed in black robes along with a photographer and videographer. The leader of the group spoke outside as Christians were singing and chanting prayers to Jesus. The Christian group did not confront the Satanists as they said a brief public statement, played some music, and then went inside.

Kevin Miller

While inside, they surrounded the Idaho Attorney General's Office. Their leader spoke of the First Amendment and then started yelling Hail Satan. In contrast, you had a much larger group of Catholic Idahoans kneeling and praying the Hail Mary. The Catholics did not respond to the attempts by the Satan worshipers to engage. The Satanists circled the dome flanked by a black hooded flag-waver.

Kevin Miller

We did not see any elected officials this time or asked their thoughts on the black hooded folks numbering about ten total. This experience says that Idaho is one of the most tolerant states when it comes to religious expression. The Christians continued to pray, the Catholics did as well, and I believe the Satanists left after no one responded to their antics.

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

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