You can throw a kid away at any age in Idaho. Legally, you can sh*t-out on your kid for no reason at all and put ‘em up for adoption until they’re a day shy of 18.

I know this because a friend of mine lived through it and Idaho law vouches for it.


Title 16 Juvenile Proceedings, Chapter 15 Adoption of Children in the Idaho State Legislature has no set age limit for adoption. For children who come from troubled homes, I can appreciate how this law is a blessing. When applied to parents who just don’t feel like raising a kid anymore, I think it’s insane.

Read on for a quick recap of my friend’s messed up situation, then scroll on for a series of good-to-know Idaho adoption facts.


When she was 12 years old, my friend’s parents were knee-deep in divorce when it was decided neither of them wanted her.

The two of us were sitting at Panera off Franklin, destroying bowls of broccoli-cheddar soup and catching up between slurps, when she dropped that bomb.

Stunned, all I could say was, “I’m so sorry,” followed by an untactful, “Why?!” Sans emotion, she said, “I dunno,” and chased it with another spoonful of soup. I couldn’t decide what shocked me more: the news itself or her matter-of-fact delivery?

I couldn’t hide my stunned expression as she filled me in on what little she knew of her parents’ motives. In a nutshell, she said they were two educated and financially stable adults who wanted out of a bad marriage and the responsibility of raising her.

When no one in her extended family volunteered to take her in, she was placed in foster care until she was 18. The end.

Learning about my friend's experience in foster care prompted me to explore Idaho adoption policies and laws. The gallery below contains a short series of facts I thought anyone could benefit from knowing.

12 Good-to-Know Idaho Adoption Facts

Learning about my friend's heartbreaking experience in foster care prompted me to explore Idaho's adoption policies and laws.

The gallery below contains a short series of facts I thought anyone could benefit from knowing. 

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