Well with about 8 million breweries in Idaho, men have a WIDE variety of beers to choose from when they decide on their top beer. According to the Idaho Statesman, however, when it came time to pick their faves, guys in the Gem state chose.....NOT a beer.

AskMen.com surveyed 1,000 men around the country to find out what their favorite brew was in each state. While Budweiser ( (18.5 percent), Coors Light (14 percent) and Corona (12 percent), took the top spot in a majority of the states, here in Idaho, they didn't even choose an actual beer.

Credit: askmen.com
Credit: askmen.com

According to the survey, Idahoans chose, get this, Mike's Hard Lemonade. Now, don't get me wrong I personally like Mike's, BUT, it's definitely not a beer, and DEFINITELY not even in the top three BEER choices for me. So what happened there?

I guess guys in Idaho just really dig it. In fact, 23 percent of Idahoans chose it as their No. 1 pick! Pretty surprising, huh? Check out the full results HERE.

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