It's cool to see how differently yesterday's children were raised.

There's a certain kind of charm and intrigue in imagining how the world's little ones were brought up, isn't there? From medieval times to the Victorian era and the Roaring Twenties, it's wild to see how differently yesterday's children were raised.

Perhaps part of our intrigue comes from our never-ending search for the best way to bring the generation up. Many a mom and dad today can probably attest to the pressures of modern parenting. Child experts, in-laws, schools, health nuts, and even social media influencers and bloggers—everyone seems to know the secret to perfect parenting.

But a look back at history offers a refreshing perspective on how families used to be. Times were simpler and slower. And even though wouldn't give up our kids' gadgets and electronics for just about anything, it's still neat to see that despite the differences in the era and technology, kids pretty much turned out alright even without endless parenting guides.

It's also kind of funny. Experienced parents and grandparents can see the bits of humor and relief in seeing how far the world has come raising children. It puts a smile on our face to think about little ones and teens in ancient Rome being sent off to school with wax tablets instead of iPads or smart watch phones.

In some ways, our fascination with old-school parenting is a blend of curiosity, a search for reassurance, and the hope that we're raising our kids right. There's comfort and comedy in the universal chaos of parenting. It's also a great reminder that parents across the ages have been figuring it out as they go along just like us.

That's what makes the little Idaho girl's story in the gallery below so amazing. Her parents sent her on a journey no parent today would dream to send their children on. Still, she arrived without a scratch and made history in the process.

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All aboard the Child Express!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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