Representative Dorothy Moon has defeated GOP Chairman Tom Luna as the new leader of the state's dominate political party.  The announcement was met by cheers in the room, according to multiple media outlets.  


Chairman Luna's reelection bid faced challenges due to a lawsuit against the Bonneville County Republican Party. The Bonneville Republicans had changed their rules on electing their candidates. The state party sued them and successfully got their rules thrown out. The concerns over Democrats crossing over to vote as Republicans were addressed as the delegates voted to increase restrictions on who votes in their primary.

Representative Moon issued a statement on her win in a press release:

 “I’m humbled to have received this honor from my fellow Republicans. Throughout our convention I’ve reminded friends — both new and old — that our task is to serve the hardworking men and women of our state and to bring our cherished principles to bear on the challenging times confronting Idaho and our republic. I’m ready to begin that work immediately. Serving as chair is often a thankless task.

She took a moment to thank Tom Luna for his dedication to the party.

'But I thank Tom Luna for his service to our party and our state and I commend him for his hard work during this convention. I promised my fellow Republicans that I will lead our party with civility and conviction. That is also my promise to our fellow citizens throughout Idaho who are not currently members of the party of Lincoln.    


A wild weekend in Twin Falls for Idaho Republicans continues as the state's dominate political party decides whether or not to retain current leadership or elect new ones.  Friday night the convention was surrounded by a large group of protestors upset over the US Supreme Court's decision to send Roe v. Wade back to the states.

The Idaho Capital Sun

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