As we get closer to the holidays, it seems all Idahoans want for Christmas is lower gas prices. Unfortunately, it looks like the price of gas resembles Embenzier Scrooge. Idaho's gas prices continue to be at recent record highs despite the end of the summer and now fall driving seasons. Drivers have been deprived of the annual drop in gas prices that occurs during this time of year.  

AAA Idaho says, in a release, that we could see gas prices go up due to an upcoming holiday. Thanksgiving weekend, or is it a week? The week of Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled weeks of the year. Airlines expect to be at or above pre-pandemic levels of demand. With more demand, the cost of fuel will continue to rise, impacting Idaho consumers.  

"The glass-half-empty point of view is that prices didn't fall much this week. But the glass-half-full thinking would be that at least they didn't go up," says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde. "The end of Daylight Savings Time may push demand even lower if drivers decide to head home instead of running errands after dark. But Thanksgiving is coming, and that could mean a spike in demand right around the holiday."

Idaho is currently number eight in the country when it comes to the price of gas. The average price throughout our state is $3.69 per gallon. Comparatively, that price is almost $1.40 more than the price of gas last year. The nation's average gas price is nearly thirty cents less than Idaho's.  

The price of oil continues to rise over eighty dollars a barrel. Some experts believe the price could go up to one hundred dollars a barrel. If the trend continues, the cost of gas will follow.  President Biden has been asked by the media and members of Congress to release the Strategic Oil Reserves which would lower prices.  The president has refused to follow the movement of past presidents.  

Here's a look at Idaho gas prices as of Courtesy of AAA 11/16/21:

Boise - $3.81

Coeur d'Alene - $3.37

Franklin - $3.67

Idaho Falls - $3.62

Lewiston - $3.28

Pocatello - $3.74

Twin Falls - $3.82


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