We're living in a time that will go down in history as challenging. It might be called something else considering it feels like a hateful rebellion against each other in 2020-21. The politics, masks, coronavirus, and the list continue to pile up.

I can definitely get behind this campaign because it's what we need right now. The Idaho Food Bank is challenging you to be Kind, #Idahokind.

The #idahoKind Challenge will be spread across the state in order to spread kindness. We face serious problems in the country and sometimes we need to be reminded, be kind.

The Idaho Food Bank is asking you to use the #IdahoKind when you post something that makes people smile on social media. It's brilliant, it's simple, and it's just plain #IdahoKind. The food bank just wants to track kindness happening around our great state. We're seeing all the negative news and it's time we got back to what makes our city the reason people flock here, we're kind.

You don't need a special badge to join or a username with a password. Being kind is supposed to be easy but unfortunately, we've forgotten. Everyone is too busy pointing a finger. Here are the dates, hashtags, and rules.

  • It doesn't matter who you are, anyone can join.
  • Encourage everyone you know in the office, in class or on social media to share their feel-good stories with the #IdahoKind.
  • Tell everyone how nice someone is. That's it. Easy.

The Idaho Food Bank has created this #IdahoKind Challenge that was inspired by Duane and Lori Stueckle. There is a goal.

Create 1,000 acts of kindness and raise $200,000 to assist in providing food totaling up to one million meals. That's a miracle alone and the Idaho Food Bank never quits and that why we should help.

This begins now and goes through Valentine's Day on February 14, 2021. So, keep an eye out for kindness and limit the negative posts. It's probably harder than you might think.


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