Daylight Savings 2024 is just around the corner, Idaho.

Spring forward, fall back. It's a saying that a lot of us know by heart. Daylight savings, also called DST, is the time when Idahoans and Americans across the nation adjust their clocks forward or backward by an hour. 

Ideally, it sounds great. Who isn’t tired of starting their day in pitch black, right? Well, now that we mention it, there is one group that isn’t always fond of DST: Idaho parents with small kids. 

More sun means more fun...for some of us, anyway. 

The good news is when daylight savings begins, we get an extra hour of beautiful sunlight.  

The double-income-no-kids crowd (DINK), see it as a long-awaited chance to soak up more sun and warmer, dreamier weather. That’s cool.  

Some of us with bitties, on the other hand, will spend the first month (or longer) convincing them that bedtime is happening even though it’s still broad daylight at 8:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m., or even as late as 10:30 p.m. because Idaho summers be like that 😳

How long does this phase last? It varies from kid-to-kid, but our oldest put us through the ringer between the ages of four and eight until we started giving her a happy little dose of melatonin, or Vitamin Sleep, as we call it in our house.

But what kept us from pulling our hair out may not be what's right for you or your kid. Always consult with your pediatrician.  

Curtains and bed forts to the rescue!

If you’re new to Idaho or opposed to the idea of giving your little one melatonin, we highly recommend getting a great set of double-lined blackout curtains to make their room as dark and night-like as possible. You might need to add a nightlight or two, but it’s worth it if it prevents a bedtime struggle. 

You could also try turning your kid's bed into a cool fort! We did this for our daughter between the ages of four and six, and she loved it. We still had to give her melatonin, but her bed fort made the idea of bedtime more fun and appealing to her.

Pro-tip: Fred Meyer on Chinden and Linder usually have them in stock for as little as $5.00. 

When does Idaho spring ahead this year? 

Brace yourself, parental comrade. DST 2024 begins Sunday, March 10, at 3:00 a.m.

Because we’re determined to make 2024 the year we actually adjust our clocks ahead of time, we’re setting a reminder to switch them over the Saturday night before. We know it’s easy to forget, so you may want to tack a note on your reminder to switch over the clocks in your kid’s room and your car. 


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You got this, Mom and Dad!

If the idea of transitioning to DST overwhelms you, you’re not alone. Until my family moved to Idaho almost 10 years ago, I had never experienced such long summer days. I also never anticipated how it could affect our oldest’s bedtime routine. But we got through it, and you will, too.  

And who knows? You could be one of the lucky ones with a kid who isn’t bothered by DST at all. Regardless, keep your sights set on a happy Idaho spring and let the rest fall into place, friend. 

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