Felony-Friendly Idaho Companies

Finding a felony-friendly job isn't a walk in the park, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you're a citizen with checkered past, there are a multitude of Idaho companies interested in much more than your rap sheet.

If you'd rather cut to the chase, scroll to the gallery below for a look at seven felon-friendly Idaho companies!

Finding a Job With a Felony

Finding employment after imprisonment can present a unique series of obstacles and anxiety. Just remember that millions of ex-offenders have secured gainful employment.

According to TradeSchools.net, the difference between an ex-offender securing a good job over that of a typical candidate boils down to two things: work ethic and persistency. The more evident an ex-convict's work ethic is and the more they pursue prospective employers, the better their odds are at landing the right position.

Data from HelpForFelons.org indicates 10% of Americans have a felony on their record. But that doesn't have to stop them from finding solid employment. The gallery below features our favorite local listings from employers who hire ex-offenders!

7 Companies That See The Best In Idaho Felons

BOISE, Idaho. Landing gainful employment as a felon or an ex-offender can be challenging, but it isn't impossible in Idaho; especially with these seven companies. 

đź’»Keep scrolling for a list of eight companies with felony-friendly employment listings!

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