Merry Christmas Idaho. The one thing I've learned about living in Idaho all these years is that Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings don't really scare anyone.

I mean do you really go camping or hiking worrying about your run-in with a big hairy beast named, Bigfoot? We worry more about bears, mountain lions, and spiders (I threw in spiders!) Well, there is some truth and long history with Idaho and over 10 sightings.

This is just what you want to hear during a pandemic right? Again, we've got more to worry about but this thing supposedly exists right here. I have podcast audio including video that has been around for awhile. Everything feels legit. You may have seen this video.

That video is something my parents told me back as a kid along with UFOs. I'm a sucker because I believe in it all. Come on people you think we're by ourselves? Stop it already. This all said we need more proof and some surfaced in 2020. Two official reports came in from Idaho of Bigfoot sightings and were logged in the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

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I follow Greg at one of our sister stations who believes in this 10 foot plus tall beast and follows everything. I have a podcast with videos, photos, and direct encounters right here in Idaho. No need to worry if you plan the walk to Tablerock. I doubt you'll see anything like this but just in case, keep your phone out.

I'll post the interview with great footage and you be the judge.


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